Coeliac disease affects 1% of the population but internationally delays in diagnosis are frequent. A relationship between irritable bowel syndrome type symptoms and coeliac disease is well established and most IBS guidelines recommend that patients presenting with IBS type symptoms should be tested serologically for coeliac disease. Seronegative coeliac disease accounts for 3-5% of all cases of coeliac disease and it is a diagnostic challenge which requires a high level of clinical suspicion and consideration of duodenal biopsies prior to confidently excluding this diagnosis. We report the first case of seronegative coeliac disease masquerading as IBS type symptoms. We suggest that if patients have evidence of haematinic deficiency, subsequent weight loss, features of malabsorption or a family history of coeliac disease, then a duodenal biopsy should be considered irrespective of negative serology.


Coeliac disease, IgA deficiency, Serology Negative Villous Atrophy, Tissue transglutaminase Antibody, Serology Negative Coeliac Disease