Endosalpingiosis is a rare condition characterized by the presence of benign fallopian tubal-like glandular epithelium derived from Mullerian ducts, usually affecting the serosal surfaces of the pelvis and peritoneum. It is histologically differentiated from endometriosis as endosalpingiosis lacks endometrial stroma. Endosalpingiosis tends to affect older women and has been associated with ovarian serous tumors of low malignant potential.

The extragenital endosalpingosis is typically without symptoms, reported only once as chronic pelvic pain. It rarely affects the appendix but can be mistaken for acute appendicitis or appendiceal tumors.

No reports of endoscopic findings have been never described. Its treatment is challenging and provides a multidisciplinary approach with gynecologist, surgeon and gastrointestinal endoscopist. Our case reports for the first time an endoscopic finding of colonic salpingiosis and it is challenging both for the diagnosis and for the treatment.


salpingiosis, extragenital, colonic